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Mug cosplay theme in progress

Tfw when u sew a sleeve backwards

http://accidentalambience.tumblr.com/post/87049042875/yes-i-want-a-flying-fox-to-land-on-my-face-and accidentalambience
http://showslow.tumblr.com/post/85172729312/watercolor-prints-by-snoogsandwilde showslow


Watercolor Prints by SnoogsAndWilde

Buying a comp on craigslist for $60 :,)

http://spectredeflector.tumblr.com/post/95490742426/do-you-ever-look-back-at-selfies-or-a-cosplay-that spectredeflector


Do you ever look back at selfies or a cosplay that you used to be super happy with and now you’re just like “disgusting”

vonmew replied to your post “I have to get a new laptop, mostly for school but also gaming bc I…”

Though on second thought try a lenovo Y470. Runs it on high just fine, and it’s pretty cheap too.

oh! I’ll look into that one then thank you ovo

vonmew answered to your post “I have to get a new laptop, mostly for school but also gaming bc I…”

I had an old inspiron 8200 fron Dell. Old, ooooooooold. But it ran WoW just fine on medium-low graphics.

yoooo that is actually ancient. I wonder if they’re available in good condition anymore is the thing :/ I do like inspirons though, mine is 1545

I have to get a new laptop, mostly for school but also gaming bc I play WoW. Does anyone recommend certain ones?

http://asylum-art asylum-art


 Tokyo Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collections of Japanese   Alice Auaa, design, yasutaka funakoshi

alice auaa designs do not merely categorize duality, such as beauty and ugliness, and light and shadow, through a decadent and surreal filter based on the color black, but rather convey a mode of avant-garde and romanticism based on the endless motif of the time of life in everything (creation from destruction), and the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness. 

http://ichigoflavor.tumblr.com ichigoflavor




http://eccentriccornstar.tumblr.com/post/70443828929 eccentriccornstar
http://momotaroumikoshiba.tumblr.com/post/88644927856/there-he-go momotaroumikoshiba
http://weheartit.com/tereniih?page=44&before=107440977 weheartit.com

Tumblr на We Heart It.


Tumblr на We Heart It.

http://setoshi-zombie.tumblr.com/post/84251813916/artist-nico-delort setoshi-zombie


Artist: Nico Delort

http://cloven.tumblr.com/post/94370124217 cloven


At this point you should probably not be surprised by the things I do, let’s be real here.

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